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Most computer issues have a basic root cause. They are either hardware or software problems. We use our extensive experience and diagnostic tools to quickly locate the problem and repair it with minimal down time.

Our experienced technicians can provide in-store repairs quickly, sometimes on the same day you call. Our goal is to solve your computer emergency and keep your computer system up and running smoothly. Computer IT Solutions assists all types of computer users with any of their computer related questions as well as a great location to learn more about your computer and its hardware and software.


Hardware Upgrades and Replacements

We will evaluate your PC to recommend the upgrade that will best add performance, space, or luxury to your system. Our Techs are experienced and can replace any component your pc needs.


Software Installations

We can install and configure any software from Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office or Open Office, Virus prevention, and any other software you need installed and configured. Critical updates and performance adjustments are installed with every Operating System installation.



If you have two or more PCs in your home or office you may consider networking them. Whether traditional wired or wireless, we can connect one or all Desktops and Laptops to the internet. Wireless networks are perfect for people who want to connect laptop and desktop computers and don’t like to be tied down. Wireless security will be configured.


Data Backup

Question: Can you Afford or Live without the data that is on your PC right now? Years of pictures, memories, business documents, Music library. We can backup your personal files and set up a backup system for you in case of a catastrophic failure or theft for a nominal cost.


Data Recovery

If your system crashes or hardware malfunctions, our team can recover your data. In cases where your kids format or wipe out your hard drive. Our software recovery services can retrieve your lost files and data.


Virus Protection and Spyware Removal

Is your system running slow and applications not working. It could be a virus. No matter what kind of PC you have, you need the latest antivirus software. Spyware can zap your computer of resources and performance to the point where it will no longer boot up. We will clean your pc and give you the tools to help you keep it off.


System Maintenance and Cleaning

Your computer needs regular maintenance to keep it running in good working order. Our service will speed up your computer’s boot time, remove unwanted files and unnecessary background processes. We will bring your system up to speed with the most recent updates to guard against security threats. Dust is one of your computer's worst enemies. The accumulation of dust particles in your computer case can shorten the life of your PC. The particles block essential airflow  which causes the computer to overheat, creating irreversible damage. We will completely clean the inside of your system.


Password Removal

Did your kids change your password and lock you out of your pc? Don’t worry, we can quickly unlock your pc and change permissions so that never happens again.


Personal Computer Training

Computer IT Solutions can provide you with basic computer training and get you surfing the net, sending emails or creating documents like a pro.